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Intime Inc delivers both enterprise and cloud solutions based on well-established methodologies that are centered on ERP suites of enterprise applications and the leading CRM cloud platform by Salesforce.com. Our consultants repeat success at combining innovation with best practical convention that transforms the entire enterprise and cloud architecture into a single, seamless business system. We value and utilize the unique talents that each individual offers. Our teams often consist of graduates with inquiring minds working alongside seasoned specialists with years of industry or functional expertise.
Although our consultants possess deep knowledge in particular industries and functions, they remain generalists at heart, curious about all business issues and open tosharing their ideas and experiences. Our consultants come from a wide variety of exceptional backgrounds. Regardless of their tenure or focus, Intime Inc consultants share a deep commitment to our clients and a passion for change. Our teams seek insights to help individual clients achieve impact and advantage. Our ideas transcend individual client's needs, however, recognizing patterns inour work, we develop ideas that shape the way business is conceived and practiced.
Ideas and innovations are the foundations of our business. Our ideas come from many sources. Some are developed by case teams, others by passionate individuals andothers by the systematic efforts of our practices. As one important element of our ideas culture we want to recognize, support and nurture those with a passion for ideas. Our extensive experience in integrating people, processes and technologies enables us to design, build and operate practical and robust solutions. We deliver significant performance improvements to enable organizations work faster, smarter and more efficiently.

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Our Primary Services

ERP Consulting

We deliver the ERP spectrum of services to companies world-wide, to enhance their ERP platforms for leaner, smarter operations.

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Cloud Computing

Intime Inc provides CRM solutions in Saleforce.com cloud platform Know thy customer is the only evolving business mantra to success for both B2B and B2C organisations.

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Manpower Solutions

Intime Inc provides staffing solutions tailored for organizations to run faster Organizations often struggle with the internal resources crunch.

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INTIME’s mobile portfolio comprises innovative products that smoothly integrate into the existing enterprise infrastructure. We foresee smartphones as smart alterna-tives to personal computers and develop solutions for easy access to decisive information, resulting in greater satisfaction for internal and external customers.

The business value of an integrated mobility solution impacts the roles of all levels of resources within the business. Ensure business continuity with the iNTIME Mobility offerings, that provide end users with flexibility and improve service delivery.

Organizations seek novel ways to leverage mobile applications and devices to extend their reach across their ecosystems. INTIME leads the way in enabling enterprise mobility with end-to-end capabilities for real-time decision-making without compromising on security and control.

iNTIME’s enterprise mobility solutions are focused on the business priorities of organizations. We help companies transform their core businesses by adopting mobile strategies in a sustainable and secure manner.

Mobile Products

  1. Application Development
  2. Strategy Consulting
  3. Lifecycle Management
  4. Migration & Re-engineering
  5. Application Testing
  6. Enterprise Mobility

INTIME designs, deploys and customizes e-commerce solutions with intuitive marketing tools to accurately communicate the brand image.

INTIME partners with e-commerce platform providers - IBM Websphere Commerce and SAP Hybris to offer end to end e-commerce solutions that best fulfill customer requirements. Our e-commerce Center of Excellence has defiined and designed solution accelerators and re-usable components to deliver quicker time to value.

e-commerce solutions
In the highly competitive e-retail envi-ronment, INTIME’s e-commerce solution delivers a strong and distinctive brand experience across multiple channels.

E-commerce Solutions

  1. Ecommerce Consulting
  2. Design, Development and Deployment
  3. End to End Implementation
  4. Third Party Integration
  5. Rollout
  6. Migration
  7. Post Production Support

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